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Q&A about Bisphenol A

Molecular Formula:  C15H16O2

Synonyms: bis(4-hydroxyphenyl) dimethylmethane; bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)propane; 4,4'-bisphenol a; DIAN; p,p'-dihydroxydiphenyldimethylmethane; 4,4'-dihydroxydiphenylpropane; 4,4'-dihydroxy-2,2-diphenylpropane; dimethylmethylene-p,p'-diphenol; beta, beta-di-(p-hydroxyphenyl)propane; dimethyl bis(p-hydroxyphenyl)methane; 2,2-di(4-phenylol)propane; p,p'-isopropylidenebisphenol; 4,4'-dimethylmethylenediphenol; Phenol, 4,4'-(1-methylethylidene)bis-; 2,2-Bis(4-Hydroxyphenyl)propane; 2,2-Bis(4'-hydroxyphenyl)propane; 4,4[-Isopropylidenediphenol; 4,4'-ISOPROPYLIDENEDIPHENOL (BISPHENOL A); Bisphenol A ;

CAS Registry Number: 80-05-7

Chemical Structure:

Bisphenol A Chemical Structure

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